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Finding You the Right Mortgage for the Lowest Price.

AAAFinancial.com has been helping homeowners get the right mortgage at the lowest price since 1989! (That’s 30 years!). Several years ago this mission earned us a place on the prestigious INC 500 list as one of the fastest growing companies in America. We have been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau for over 20 years.
If You Are Looking for the Right Mortgage Without All the Hassle, Worry, & Frustration, Apply Now!
How Do We Save You Money?

What Makes Us Different and How Do We Save You Money?

There are “Seven key differences:”

We get many calls every day from borrowers wanting to get a mortgage and wondering “what’s our rate?“. Many lenders will quote you a low ball rate without knowing your credit history, income, debt situation etc. If this happens to you… RUN! The rate they are quoting is a “low ball” rate! After you have filled out forms, spent time & money your rate will change! This “bait & switch” tactic will lead you to anger, frustration & a loss of time and money! Don’t take this road…

How are we different? The first thing we do during our consultation & fact-finding meeting is get a very accurate idea of what your FICO score, debt history etc. is. How? We ask you to commit just $3.95 for us to look at your credit history from the Experian credit bureau. This “look” is called a “soft pull” & will not affect your credit score or show up as an inquiry. We review this information & match your financial profile to the right mortgage at the lowest cost that you qualify for! Now we can give you an accurate rate and prequalify you!

Our mortgage process begins with our completely secure loan application online. You have your own login so you can see everyday what needs to be done, what documents are needed and how your loan is processing. We have a free app for your phone or you can log in via your laptop. We break the entire process down into “several baby steps” or milestones. If we need a bank statement, W2 etc. You can simply snap a photo of it from your mobile phone & upload it in seconds! You will also receive “progress updates” from us 3-4 times a week so you always know the status of your application. Your realtor can also be updated every few days. You will receive a text, email etc. to keep you informed so you never have to wonder “what’s going on with my loan?”

Because we provide you with your own private mortgage dashboard, mobile app, daily email, text messages, etc. You can also provide this update to any key team member like your Realtor.

You will never be in the dark worrying about your mortgage! We have eliminated any frustration, hassle, or worry concerning your mortgage process! We keep you informed like no one else!

AAAFinancial Corporation is a licensed mortgage broker(NMLS #1647) which means we work with many of the biggest lenders in the country! Because we have wholesale agreements with these lenders(like those you see everyday advertising on TV!) We find who’s offering the very best terms for you! Imagine going to one of the “Big Banks” or calling one of those “Big Lenders” with ads everywhere. 

They can only offer you their “in house” rates. With a push of a button, our technology scans dozens of lending sources & finds you the best product that you personally qualify for! This is the only way you know you are getting the best rate at the lowest cost possible!

When you have multiple lending sources and the technology to sort through hundreds of complicated rate offers with their various rate adjustments & qualifications… We are confident we can provide for you the right mortgage for the lowest cost that you qualify for! 

No “bait & switch” tactics with us! In the rare occasion, something unexpected is discovered in underwriting, we notify you immediately & offer you several solutions! If you desire to work with a real professional lender who really cares about helping you through this frustrating process… then you will be glad you chose AAAFinancial Corporation!

Many companies out there have “call centers” with licensed telemarketers trained in The act of “sales jiu jitsu” or sales pressure techniques. Here at AAAFinancial.com, because of our mortgage process & low pricing model, we receive so many daily inquiries we carefully select whether a borrower is a good fit for us to help & who we will enjoy working with! After all, not everyone is a good fit!

Our CEO David DiNatale, started AAAFinancial Corporation in 1989. He knows the mortgage business! Thanks to our advanced technology, David personally reviews every mortgage file to ensure we did the best job possible for you!

AAAFinancial.com is committed to finding you the right mortgage for the lowest cost you qualify for! Most lenders have huge overhead, big advertising budgets, etc. They have to generate a much higher profit from each loan in order to stay in business! Where do these much higher profits come from? Their borrowers pay more!

At AAAFinancial.com we keep our overhead cost down! By using the latest and best technology our entire online process creates tremendous savings which we can pass on to you! Now you know our values and our unique mortgage process! If you like how we do business and see why it makes more sense…

Be A Part Of The AAAFinancial Corporation Family!