Rep Support

AAA Financial Corporation, part of and the Mortgage Savings Program™ has recruited over 30,000+ independent consultants to offer the MSP program to homeowners in each of their areas. Our reps are committed to helping homeowners realize the value in pre-paying their mortgages and building equity in their homes so much faster than homeowners that maintain a traditional mortgage payment schedule.

If you are a representative that is interested in enrolling a new client on a biweekly mortgage pre-payment program, contact Biweekly Mortgage Association at (800) 248-8840 and request to speak to Roger Greenwald, the Member Services Director.

For more information on AAA’s partnership with the Biweekly Mortgage Association, check out our blog today!

Want to Start Saving on Your Mortgage?

Call our partners at Biweekly Mortgage Association for information on getting started! (800) 248-8840!
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Existing Clients – Account Changes

Are you an existing client that needs to make a change to your mortgage? Call Tower Administrative Services at (800) 223-3531.

MSP Program

As the leading biweekly mortgage pre-payment program, we have helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners have thousands on their mortgage!

New Clients – Getting Started

Are you ready to save thousands of dollars in interest from your mortgage loan? Call our partners, the Biweekly Mortgage Association, at (800) 248-8840 to learn more!