What Homeowners Don’t Know about their Mortgages Is Costing Them $50,000 to $100,000 or More in Interest!
What can you do?

The Solution: The Mortgage Savings Program!™

The Mortgage Savings Program™, part of GetOnTheMap.com, provides a Split-Mortgage Payment program that will save the homeowner between $50,000 to $100,000 in unnecessary interest payments and shorten their mortgage term by 10-12 years, without refinancing.

Let’s look at a homeowner who has a $150,000 mortgage, $1,300 payment (PITI) at 7.0% for 30 years.

By simply converting the monthly payment of $1,300 to a Split-Mortgage Payment of $650 on a bi-weekly basis, the homeowner pays 26 one-half payments over the year, or the equivalent of 13 monthly payments.

Through the use of sophisticated banking technology and electronic debiting the homeowner automatically makes an extra payment of $650 to principal every 6 months toward the mortgage.

The result? The homeowner on the Mortgage Savings Program™ saves an amazing $60,550 in interest (over a 33% savings!) and owns their home free and clear in just 22.5 years! Statistics tell us that 97.3% of all homeowners will fail to prepay on their mortgage for more than a year without an automated system.

The Mortgage Savings Program™ guarantees the results!

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Call Tower Administrative Services at (800) 223-3531. They will be able to assist you with whatever change you may need to make or track a payment that has
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Are you ready to save thousands of dollars in interest from your mortgage loan and build equity in
your home much faster?

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