April 21, 2011 AAA Financial Corp., part of GetOnTheMap.com, and its Board of Directors made the decision in 2011 to change the Corporation’s name to Get On The Map Corporation. AAA Financial Corporation has been registered as a Florida Corporation since its inception in October of 1989 and has recently gained the approval from the State of Florida to change its name in order to align itself with its future business goals. The business’ new website, which will host the new flagship product for small businesses, can be found online at www.GetOnTheMap.com. AAA Financial’s original flagship product, The Mortgage Savings Program, a bi-weekly mortgage prepayment program, was created in 1989 and is still going strong today through several well qualified business partners! The program continues to help homeowners across the U.S. save thousands of dollars in interest payments and cut the term of their mortgage down by 5 to 7 years from a new 30 year loan.

For over 22 years AAA Financial Corp. had focused on two main
areas: helping homeowners save money on their mortgages
thereby allowing them to get debt free faster and assisting
entrepreneurs, owners, and professionals in marketing their
businesses”, stated David J. DiNatale, CEO of AAA Financial
Corporation and Get On The Map Corporation.

David continues by stating, “Over the last 22 years we have
successfully worked with over 31,000 business professionals
on their marketing efforts. At this time, the company has
made the decision to focus on a new evergreen marketing
product. This new product will stimulate the success of local
small businesses by increasing their visibility online and
offline, develop, nurture and maintain their online reputation,
and substantially expand their customer base online thereby
increasing their revenue and profits”.

“Our goal is to help turn this economy around and create new jobs
by growing one small business at a time”.

– David DiNatale, CEO, Get On The Map Corporation

With that said, the result was that in December of 2009, AAA Financial sold its existing bi-weekly clients to Tower Administrative Services Inc. The transition for existing clients was seamless with no disruption of service. For AAA Financial, it forged a path to the future by allowing the company’s talent to focus its efforts on its new product with the assurance that the client base for the Mortgage Savings Program was in good hands.

With the new product quickly taking shape and the company defining the goals and expectations for the new product, GetOnTheMap.com is evolving into something that the company is very proud of and anxiously awaiting to help the first group of small businesses selected. With the new product, Get On The Map will be providing a team of online marketing and technology experts to help local businesses build, grow, and expand their business online…with little to no effort from the small business owner!

The online marketing department at Get On The Map will utilize an arsenal of strategies including, but not limited to, creating a dominating web presence through SEM, SEO, PPC, website marketing, mobile websites, blogs, articles, press releases, video marketing, social media, bookmarking, RSS, email marketing, directories, backlinking, and reputation management.

GetOnTheMap.com performs all of the above (and more!) marketing tasks for the business owner with little effort, hassle or actual cost when considering the return on investment the business owner reaps as a member of Get On The Map.com. The magic happens even before Get On The Map partners with the business owner by creating a website that is already on the front page of the search engines! When the business owner joins, he or she will receive the leads from this website and see results in a couple of days rather than a couple of months as with most internet marketing companies. Once the business owner and Get On The Map join forces and partner to bring success to the business owners place of business, the top ranked site is customized and rebranded specifically to the business owner’s products and/or services.

Get On The Map is planning on being very exclusive in that the company has made a highly strategic business plan to join forces with only one local company in each specific business category. This means that only one chiropractor, one plumber and one cosmetic surgeon for example, will have the opportunity to reap the benefits of this partnership in each geo targeted city area. These businesses will see an increase in overall sales performance, a growth in annual profits and not to mention, dominate it’s geo-targeted area in customer acquisition. Having the ability to contact their customer list becomes priceless when needing to market future products, offer promotions and advertise for upcoming sales. All of this combines to create internal value and build business equity for when the time comes for the owner to retire or sell the business.

Ultimately, when a business owner has an online marketing strategy that is being consistently executed…they are Unstoppable! Would you like that to be you? For more information on how your business can get started, go to www.GetOnTheMap.com and fill out the membership application today!