Client Forms

For new or existing clients wishing to enroll a property onto a biweekly pre-payment program, please visit for applications and more information about their program details.

For AAA Financial consultants, please note that effective February 10, 2014 AAA Financial Corporation entered into an agreement with The BiWeekly Mortgage Association (BWMA) to waive any new agent fees for AAA Financial consultants. AAA Financial Corporation continued to accept applications that were received under the ‘Enrollment Form and Automatic Debit Authorization Form’ until February 27, 2014. Any applications received after that date will be returned to the consultant. For more information on this change, please visit our blog.

The below forms are for existing clients that are enrolled on The Mortgage Savings Program™. Clients can use these forms to make changes, but are advised that the forms must be submitted to Tower Administrative Services for processing. Tower Administrative Services can be contacted at (800) 223-3531 for form submission instructions.

These forms are not applicable to any new client that will be enrolled by The Biweekly Mortgage Association after February 27, 2014.