Corporation Name Change Announcement

April 21, 2011 AAA Financial Corp., part of, and its Board of Directors made the decision in 2011 to change the Corporation’s name to Get On The Map Corporation. AAA Financial Corporation has been registered as a Florida Corporation since its inception in October of 1989 and has recently gained the approval from the State of Florida to change its name in order to align itself with its future business goals. The business’ new website, which will host the new flagship product for small businesses, can be found online at AAA Financial’s original flagship product, The Mortgage Savings Program, a bi-weekly mortgage prepayment program, was created in 1989 and is still going strong today through several well qualified business partners! The program continues to help homeowners across the U.S. save thousands of dollars in interest payments and cut the term of their mortgage down by 5 to 7 years from a new 30 year loan. For over 22 years AAA Financial Corp. had focused on two main areas: helping homeowners save money on their mortgages thereby allowing them to get debt free faster and assisting entrepreneurs, owners, and professionals in marketing their businesses”, stated David J. DiNatale, CEO of AAA Financial Corporation and Get On The Map Corporation. David continues by stating, “Over the last 22 years we have successfully worked with over 31,000 business professionals on... read more

Attention ALL MSP™ Reps!

Effective February 28, 2014 all new enrollment applications will be processed through The Biweekly Mortgage Association! February 10, 2014 Gulf Management Systems will no longer be receiving new biweekly mortgage enrollment applications as of February 28, 2014. AAA Financial Corporation was committed to securing a business relationship in order for our consultants to continue to market and process new biweekly mortgage prepayment enrollments for their clients. AAA Financial Corporation has since found that relationship with The Biweekly Mortgage Association whom has agreed to waive any new agent fees for all AAA Financial consultants who join their company. PLEASE NOTE: If you have clients that have already completed an MSP™ enrollment application, you will need to have them complete a new application under BWMA. You must use their applications! No MSP™ applications will be assigned or accepted by BWMA. Please visit for their most recent enrollment documents. For further questions regarding the consultant enrollment process as an AAA Financial consultant with BWMA, you may contact Roger Greenwald, the BWMA Member Services Director, at (800) 248-8840 FREE or (480) 834-3115. AAA Financial Corporation is excited about taking this journey with BWMA as they offer many features to consultants and clients alike that we have never offered in the past such as credit card processing, no upfront, out of pocket to-start enrollments, residual income (for consultants), and much more! Call Roger today... read more

AAA Financial Corp. Enters Into Agreement

December 15, 2009 AAA Financial Corp. finalized terms and entered into an agreement with Tower Administrative Services Inc. to sell all active MSP clients to Tower. Tower will perform servicing duties for MSP client accounts including bi-weekly / semi-monthly debits and monthly payments to lenders. David DiNatale, CEO of AAA Financial Corporation, assures that “a seamless transition of service is expected for our clients”. Tower Administrative Services Inc. has been administering bi-weekly mortgages since 1989 and are experts in this field of business. Beginning in January 2010 all MSP clients will need to direct all inquiries and account changed to Tower by calling (800)-223-3531 FREE or emailing them at [email protected] AAA Financial Corp. has retained all rights to the 31,025 independent MSP Marketing Representatives that have offered and continue to offer the MSP product to their clients. AAA Financial plans to release a new product that will help local businesses create a dominating online marketing presence to acquire more clients and an increase in annual... read more

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