Effective February 28, 2014 all new enrollment applications will be processed
through The Biweekly Mortgage Association!

February 10, 2014

Gulf Management Systems will no longer be receiving new biweekly mortgage enrollment applications as of February 28, 2014. AAA Financial Corporation was committed to securing a business relationship in order for our consultants to continue to market and process new biweekly mortgage prepayment enrollments for their clients.

AAA Financial Corporation has since found that relationship with The Biweekly Mortgage Association whom has agreed to waive any new agent fees for all AAA Financial consultants who join their company.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have clients that have already completed an MSP™ enrollment application, you will need to have them complete a new application under BWMA. You must use their applications! No MSP™ applications will be assigned or accepted by BWMA. Please visit www.bwma.com for their most recent enrollment documents.

For further questions regarding the consultant enrollment process as an AAA Financial consultant with BWMA, you may contact Roger Greenwald, the BWMA Member Services Director, at (800) 248-8840 FREE or (480) 834-3115.

AAA Financial Corporation is excited about taking this journey with BWMA as they offer many features to consultants and clients alike that we have never offered in the past such as credit card processing, no upfront, out of pocket to-start enrollments, residual income (for consultants), and much more! Call Roger today for more information!