December 15, 2009

AAA Financial Corp. finalized terms and entered into an agreement with Tower Administrative Services Inc. to sell all active MSP clients to Tower.

Tower will perform servicing duties for MSP client accounts including bi-weekly / semi-monthly debits and monthly payments to lenders. David DiNatale, CEO of AAA Financial Corporation, assures that “a seamless transition of service is expected for our clients”.

Tower Administrative Services Inc. has been administering bi-weekly mortgages since 1989 and are experts in this field of business. Beginning in January 2010 all MSP clients will need to direct all inquiries and account changed to Tower by calling (800)-223-3531 FREE or emailing them at [email protected].

AAA Financial Corp. has retained all rights to the 31,025 independent MSP Marketing Representatives that have offered and continue to offer the MSP product to their clients. AAA Financial plans to release a new product that will help local businesses create a dominating online marketing presence to acquire more clients and an increase in annual profits.